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Eurotunnel push for sales with new conversion driven website

Eurotunnel's new website, designed by Webexpectations

The Webex team have been working furiously over the last ten months to launch a suite of new websites for Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.  Eurotunnel operates the car shuttle service via the Channel Tunnel between Folkestone and Calais allowing passengers to travel to France in just 35mins.

The website is Eurotunnel’s main sales channel, accounting for the majority of their passenger revenue.

“With the website being such an important e-commerce channel we worked hard with Eurotunnel’s marketing teams to redesign the site around the needs of their passengers.

Right from day one we wanted to ensure the new design was user centred and conversion driven – pulling together best practice in usability and conversion driven design.

A quick look at the old site shows the transformation that we delivered, not only in cosmetics but most importantly in usability and persuasiveness.”

Sheetal Masih, Head of Creative

Eurotunnel's old website

A combination of Google Analytics, usability testing, on-site surveys and conversion audits were used to plan the redesign and to ensure that real data and insight were at the heart of the decision making process.

To learn more visit www.eurotunnel.com.

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